How long does it take to make a barrel sauna?

The process of making approximately lasts for one week.

What is the price of barrel sauna?

Approximate meter price is €550 + €500 for the sauna stove. The exact price will be calculated after
submitting all of the requests.

Do you deliver your products to the requested destination?

We cooperate with trustworthy carriers whose approximate delivery price is €0,6/km in Lithuania. The customer is accountable for paying to the carriers.

What is the exact procedure of ordering?

First of all, we request that the customer sees work examples in our workshop where he would also provide us with all of the requests. The payment for the product is made when it is delivered to you.

Can I pay for the order in installments?

Unfortunatelly, we do not accept such payment.

What care do your products require?

The foundations of the sauna must be made in a way that no grass nor moisture should accumulate underneath. The sauna is simply set up on four bricks. After every use sauna must be cleaned and well ventilated. Over time stainless steel strips must be tightened to prevent appearance of the gaps between logs and deformation of timber.

Can I provide my own project?

You can. Together we will find the best option to realize your ideas.

Do you provide warranty?

We provide a warranty for two years.

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